Weren’t people misled during signature collection?

Myth: Weren’t people misled during signature collection – speaking only about parks and not mentioning other public lands?

Fact: No. Signatures were collected by fellow Los Altos residents who volunteered their time. There were no paid collectors. They used a sheet to explain the initiative, and carried all documents required by the registrar of voters. The bold title of the promotional sheet was: “Protect our Parks & Public Lands.” There was no intent to say it was limited to parks, particularly since some of our sports fields that look like parks (at Hillview) are not actually designated as parks. It is possible that some who signed the petition only remember mention of parks, but that does not mean that public lands were not also mentioned. There was no need to hide that fact because the Hillview ball fields, apricot orchard, and parking plazas are just some of the important public/institutional land covered by Measure C.