There will be a lot of elections that will cost up to $500,000…

Myth: There will be a lot of elections that will cost up to $500,000 or else we would have to wait up to 2 years for an election under Measure C.

Fact: Elections should be RARE unless Council is planning to sell or lease a lot of our public lands in ways they have never done. Of the 13 leases identified by the city as being in force – going back over 40 years – ONLY ONE would have required a vote.

If the city is planning to SELL the land for PRIVATE use, it requires a vote. NONE of the land that would be covered by Measure C has been sold – yet.

So why the scare tactics? There are four elections each year by the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters. If the city plans well, they will combine any required vote with another election and the cost will be less than $50,000, not the outrageous $500,000 claimed by opponents of Measure C. Los Altos has NEVER paid that for an election – even when Council called a special election to try to pass Measure A in 2015 (which failed). If Council wants to sell or lease a multi-million dollar piece of PUBLIC land for PRIVATE use, $50,000 is a small price to pay for our residents to decide whether to give up our public land.

Why are the opponents of Measure C misleading and trying to scare the public? What do the special interests and power brokers have planned?