“The City Council has never sold parkland, so we don’t need Measure C.”

Myth: “The City Council has never sold parkland, so we don’t need Measure C.”

Fact: We need to protect our parks AND public lands in the future. Development pressures are greater than ever before. Multiple efforts to develop, sell, or lease several Los Altos parks were turned back in the past ONLY after outcry from residents. There is no guarantee future city councils would act the same. Measure C is a forward-looking process for residents to affirm or reject such plans in the future.

Residents of various neighboring cities also thought that their elected officials would never sell or lease public parks. After the city councils did so, the residents created initiatives similar to Measure C, most of which passed. But it was too late to undo the prior loss of their public land. We don’t want that to happen here.

“But City Council is planning to amend the General Plan to protect our park land, so Measure C won’t be needed, right?

The ordinance City Council is working on would require approval for sale of any park. It stops there, leaving two flaws:

  1. It doesn’t protect parkland from leases nor does it protect any public/institutional land such as the parking plazas or Hillview. One benefit of Measure C is that it includes the ball fields at Hillview, for example.
  2. Whatever this Council does, the next can undo. In contrast, Measure C can only be changed by another vote of residents.